Post pictures to me or email I will publish with a little explanation how you caught them and where bait etc. thanks









Greenway Bank (Serp)




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Goldenhill Pool

Victoria & Biddulph have now secured another water with some excellent fishing large thanks goes out to Eric Payne who has worked relentlessly to help secure the water. It’s too late to get it into this year’s permits but it has been well published hope you enjoy. i will further update when I talk to the locals what you can expect to catch


Fish Handling

Fish should be handled as little as possible and processed quickly. The holding Nets to be that of the legal type and placed into the fish’s natural habitat. Fish should never be pulled by their tail or head as the stretching can inflame the intercalary discs and cause dislocation of the vertebrae. Handling by the operculum can disrupt blood flow to the gills, cause gill capillaries to haemorrhage, all of which seriously affect respiration. Larger fish can be held by supporting their caudal (tail end of the body) and the ventral opercula regions (beneath the pectoral fins). Fish viscera is not well supported by mesenteries and muscle and prolonged out of water handling increases the risk of internal injuries. For the same reason, all fish must be kept in their natural horizontal position.

There is enough equipment on the market for the angler to treat the fish however large with the respect it deserve care costs nothing at all

Victoria and Biddulph A.S Insist care is taken or action will be taken