Tunstall Tackle

ladies & Gents

As you may be are aware Tunstall Tackle ceases trading at the end of MARCH.Extra permits will be spread out over our existing outlets  with the majority now  going to Nathans of Burslem.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank 

Paul for his commitment and help over the years to our club which he has been selling around £2500 of permits each year.

So A Massive ThankYou Paul From Victoria And Biddulph A.C



Paul Hammond (VBAS) 07791 127476




Victoria and Biddulph Angling Society


Poaching is a criminal act and will be and can be treat as such an offence so please be aware there will be more visits from bailiffs on our waters take time to read below


For the use of Victoria & Biddulph Angling Society officials and water bailiffs. in association with the Angling Trust


•     All anglers must be in possession of a valid Victoria & Biddulph Angling Society Membership



•     All members must take the time to familiarize themselves with society rules prior to fishing



•      Any member in breach of society rules may have their permit confiscated at a society bailiff's discretion


•     Any angler found to be fishing without a valid membership (or where permits are confiscated) must vacate the water immediately. Where anglers fail to comply, bailiffs are advised to call the police


•     Fishing  without permission {poaching), whether or not fish are actually  taken,  is a criminal offence, covered by Section 1 of the Theft Act 1968 - with  which the police are duty bound to deal


•     The maximum fine for this summary offence if £5000, and confiscation of equipment relating to the offence



Information for club officials:


When reporting such an incident, the points to make, in addition to the essential   what, where, when, description and attitude of the offender, and confirming signage etc., are:  -


1. Fishing without permission is a Schedule 1 Theft Act 1968 offence.


2. The police are duty-bound to record and deal with it.


3.  Point out that the Home Office Code for this offence is 116/11.


4. That, if applicable, the offence is in progress.


5. Whether the offender is verbally or physically aggressive.


6. Officers can refer to both the Police National Legal Database (PNLD), and the ‘Essential Guide  to Angling Law & Fisheries Enforcement', produced in 2013 by the Angling Trust and Environment Agency {EA}, which was endorsed by the National Wildlife  Crime Unit  (NWCU) and uploaded  to the Police Online Knowledge Area (POLKA).


7. Officers can refer, if necessary, to the NWCU for confirmation.


Should the call-taker state that this is a matter for the EA, be assertive but polite:  it is not; the EA largely deals with rod license and local byelaw enforcement.  It does not deal with fishing without permission - which is undoubtedly a police matter, given ‘l’ and '3' above.


Necessary evidence, as ever, would be who, what, where and when, paying particular   attention to descriptions, vehicles, and whether, say, water tanks, nets etc. were present.


If a criminal offence is in progress and/or you are verbally abused or threatened with violence, report the incident via 999 - making those points clear. If reporting an incident historically or providing information, please do so on 10




Fish Handling

Fish should be handled as little as possible and processed quickly. The holding Nets to be that of the legal type and placed into the fish’s natural habitat. Fish should never be pulled by their tail or head as the stretching can inflame the intercalary discs and cause dislocation of the vertebrae. Handling by the operculum can disrupt blood flow to the gills, cause gill capillaries to haemorrhage, all of which seriously affect respiration. Larger fish can be held by supporting their caudal (tail end of the body) and the ventral opercula regions (beneath the pectoral fins). Fish viscera is not well supported by mesenteries and muscle and prolonged out of water handling increases the risk of internal injuries. For the same reason, all fish must be kept in their natural horizontal position.

There is enough equipment on the market for the angler to treat the fish however large with the respect it deserve care costs nothing at all

Victoria and Biddulph A.S Insist care is taken or action will be taken



Topical Infomation/Constructive Feedback Help the club Make Well Informed Decisions

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