About Us

The Victoria & Biddulph Angling society was born in 1976 and gets its name from the local

 coal mine that was  “victoria colliery”. Despite the passage of time the traditions of the club still survive…

  • We believe in maintaining our waters to a high standard, while

    ensuring they still retain their natural beauty and actively manage

    and care for our fish stocks.

  • We seek to promote and encourage all abilities to join and enjoy

    our sport from the youngest to the eldest.



When you join the victoria & biddulph  Angling society you will become part of a long-established, successful club with waters in in the loacl area all of which are within easy reach and within a couple of miles from each other

We think we can offer you excellent value for money whatever category you fall into; whether you are a pleasure angler, or you are a bit of a specimen hunter with a yen to catch a specimen carp, perch or roach.

two of our venues, victoria/havalock pool are an ideal spots for young anglers to get off to an excellent start and learn the art of coarse fishing in a safe environment,if you are under the age of 16 you must be accoumpanied by a adult  Stock levels at victoria/Havalock pools  in particular mean that even beginners are unlikely to go without a bite for very long, whatever the conditions or time of year.


We also cater for those who are interested in a bit of competitive fishing. We run a series of small, informal matches, and invite members to fish just for the fun of it, every season and maybe win a pound or two through a pools system

So, if you fancy joining us, why not click on the 'How to join the Club' tab at the top of this page?


Be seeing you.

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