07/12/2016 22:47

                         Serpentine Pool



1.      Permits ect to be shown on request to either clubs bailiffs.

2.      Closed season dates 15th March to 15th June both dates inclusive.

3.      Fishing from numbered pegs only No fishing off the dam.

4.      3 x rods may be used along with the relevant rod licence.

5.      No tin cans to be used for any baits

6.      No alcohol or illegal substances allowed at the pool.

7.      Bloodworm, tiger nuts kidney beans & peanuts are not allowed.

8.      Barbless hooks are highly recommended to be used.

9.      Carp and pike are not to be retained in any type of net or sack.

10.  Unhooking mats must be available and used for specimen fish.

11.  There is no camping allowed on the country park tents are not to be used

       but bivvies’ are allowed at the pool side for fishing.

   12.Night fishing is allowed but members of both clubs must be prebooked in giving

                  Dates, name club etc. to the bailiffs Paul and Justin on.

   13. The starting date/day of the season may be altered for general fishing to accommodate anyone attending the

     work parties who will receive preference to fish.Contact Bailiffs for work party dates


              Any member not following these rules will be disciplined by the appropriate club as this is to ensure that we keep the lease and night fishing

              on the Serpentine Pool.


              We ask all members to be vigilant and to report any misgivings to either club officials so that any necessary action may be taken.


              The above list is not exhaustive and may be altered at any time, details would be posted on either clubs Webb site or notice boards.