Risk Assessment for Victoria & Biddulph A.S Fishing Lakes & Canals.  
Activity: Fishing. Location: Knypersley Sports and Social Club ST8 7AQ  
People at Risk: Anglers Additional Information: fishing section.  
Contact Person Alan Armstrong Role Angling club secetary Date: 18/06/2016 Review Date: 18/06/2018  
Risk Evaluation        
Hazard Hazard Hazard effect Minimise risk by  
General walking and fishing outdoors Sunlight Sunburn Apply sun cream/block, even when cloudy, wear a sunhat and sun glasses to protect eyes from glare.  
General walking and fishing outdoors Insects Bites and stings Keep well clear of wasp, hornet and bees nests, wear insect repellent to deter biting insects and bugs, make the owners aware if you have any allergies to bites or stings.  
General walking and fishing outdoors Attack by Adders Poisonous bites Do not touch snakes, do not insert any part of the body into any burrow or hole in stone walls and /or banking’s.  
General walking and fishing outdoors Limes disease from ticks Potential injury/illness Check body for ticks immediately after returning from the field. Remove any ticks and swab the area with alcohol. Report any unexplained fever or rash at the bite site to your doctor as soon as possible.  
Walking to field sites and fishing areas around the lakes. Poor or extreme weather conditions. Potential injury/illness Take appropriate warm outdoor clothing and waterproofs. Take spare clothes, extra food and water, first aid kit and a mobile phone (but don’t expect it to work in all areas.  
Walking to field sites and fishing areas around the lakes. Falling or slipping on slippery, unstable and uneven ground. Potential injury/risk of drowning. Plan the route, watch footing and wear adequate footwear with ankle support.
Walking to field sites and fishing areas around the lakes. Attack by farm animals. Potential injury Avoid fields with cows and young calves, bulls, rams, and farm dogs.
Fishing lakes from the bank or in the water. Falling into water. Drowning/getting wet and cold. Be careful and watch your footing in the water and on the bank, beware of unstable banks and steep drop-offs. Be aware of slippery rocks and hazards particularly in poor weather. Wear suitable waterproof clothing. A life preserver is always recommended.
Walking to field sites and fishing areas around the lakes. Contracting Weils disease or infectious hepatitis Potential illness. Wash your hands as soon as possible after fishing and before eating, drinking or smoking. Cover all wounds with waterproof plasters and wash all new cuts with alcohol before covering with a waterproof plaster. Report all instances of unexplained fever to your doctor.
Fishing lakes from the bank or in the water. Medical conditions. Minor cuts and abrasions. Physical weakness endangering yourself and others. Your duty of care to advise others of medical conditions. Be sure to advise others of what to look out for and what to do. Carry a first aid kit or medication appropriate to your condition.
Fishing in general. Electrocution. Severe burns or death. Do not fish or walk with a fishing rod in the air during electrical storms. Always keep well clear of overhead power lines.
Fishing in general. Casting and handling fishing tackle Cuts and abrasions Beware fishing hooks are sharp and lines can cut deep. Keep well clear of others that are casting. If you need to approach others that are casting make them aware of your presence as you approach. Always wear protective glasses to protect your eyes.  
Fishing in general. Fishing platforms. Can be slippery in wet and freezing weather. Can cause injury/death. the wooden platforms are constantly been repaired caution to be taken when approaching your pegs No swimming in any of our waters Do not walk out on any ice covering water .  
If you require a more detailed risk assessment please contact Alan Armstrong    

Risk Assessment