Victoria & Biddulph Angling Society

The Cricket Ground pool is about 1.75 acres in size. There are massive shoals of small roach, gudgeon, and perch, which can be caught on the most basic of tackle, ideal for new comers to the sport. There are also big shoals of skimmer bream with the odd larger bream thrown in. The pool every now and agin produces the odd tench around the 6lbs  . The better carp have been caught to 24lb+, although the majority being between 7-14lb. These are backed up by around 600 small carp (stocked at average 1.75lb) which were introduced in late 2007. There are a few pike





The Serpentine is a 17 acre lake that is situated in Greenway Bank Country Park , Staffordshire. Without doubt, this is the clubs premier specimen water. There are Roach running well into 3lb+, Perch touching 4lb and Bream into double figures. There are large carp present, many of which are over 20lb, with the biggest known as Big Linear. The current weight of this fish is around the 32lb mark depending on the time of year. These large carp are backed up by 80 young carp (5-10lb) stocked in late 2007. We hope these fish will very soon be well into double figures pushing for 20lb+. There are also massive pike to go at. The biggest caught going just over 23lb, but a number of experienced pike anglers have spotted a fish, that they say will go over 30lb pike. A boost for all anglers in recient weeks has been the water share scheme with bay malton and the reintroduction of night fishing that is strictly through booking in without exeption (only night fishers) 



The Victoria Pool is situated on the same site as the Havelock Pool. They are the newest to the area, being opened in the 1995/96 season. The Victoria Pool is the bigger of the two being about 1 acre in size. Victoria pools main stock is carp. Average weight is 6lb, although there are some known to be over 20lb



Knypersley Reservoir is the largest water on the Victoria & Biddulph A.S. permit, being 35.4 acres in size and over 40ft deep in places. Knypersley Reservoir is a well known bream water. Bags of over 200lb can easily be caught when the reservoirs in form. To back up the bream, are big roach, perch and quite a few pike.



The Mill Hayes pool is only small with 11 comfortable pegs. The stock of fish was increased in spring 2003. The new fish were over 2000 small roach and skimmer bream. Most roach being 4oz plus and bream averaging 2lb. Other fish that are present are numerous perch and gudgeon, mainly small with the occasional good perch. Crucian carp, tench, mirror + common carp, rudd and even golden orfe can also be caught.



The Macc. Canal runs for approximately 1.5 miles. Most course fish are present. VBAS’s stretch is particularly well known as an easy to catch water. This is mainly down to the endless shoals of perch and gudgeon. Having said that, roach and bream shoals can be found, but a bit of luck will be needed to hold on to them. The stretch is also known for its ghost carp. Many of these are well into double figures and can be caught by those who try.


Havelock Pool The main stock is carp. Average weight is 4lb, although there are some known to be into double figures. Also in autumn 2003, 800 small carp (average – 3 inches long).


Goldenhill Pool is only small with 15 comfortable pegs. 18 Mar 2010 -over 500 Rudd where replaced into the water  due tho a harsh winter crucian carp are also in abundance and over all you are guarantied a good bag of fish